How it works?

There is always a way to get money quick

Step One:

Fill out our contact form

What we do is take a snapshot of the business from the past 3-6 months. If we like the business we will make you an offer. Then you decide if you want to proceed with the loan. *** It’s that simple!! ***What’s really awesome is you are under no obligation and it doesn’t cost anything to see how much we can offer you. We can typically loan up to 2x your average gross monthly revenue for the past 3-6 months.

Step Two:

We will contact you to get some additional information.

The payment process couldn’t be easier. We withdraw an automated fixed amount or % out of the business bank account daily 5 days a week (no holidays or weekends) until the loan is paid off. A daily amount has very little impact on the business as opposed to a monthly payment. We don’t want the loan to affect the business. So, you can continue to go about your business as you normally do. Each loan is tailored differently depending on how you run your business.

Step Three:

Get Funded in 5-10 business days in most cases

Our loans are not interest based because it doesn’t accrue interest. You are paying on the cost of the money. We fund you a certain amount and you pay back a certain amount. The payback amount would be 8-25 cents on the dollar since it’s an unsecured loan. No collateral needed and bad credit is ok so the amount you pay back is higher than a traditional business loan. Our underwriting department does a 167 point grading checklist to come up with the payback amount and term. So, the payback amount will be different for each business owner depending on how they run their business, etc. ie. Let’s say a business owner borrows $100,000. After underwriting does their 167 point grading checklist they decide the business owner owes 20 cents on the dollar. The business owner would pay us back $120,000. Many business owners say they don’t even realize the daily payment is coming out of their bank account and they feel it is a good way for them to keep their business up and running, expanding, etc. After the business owner has paid back a good portion of the loan amount we may be willing to restructure a new loan for the same amount or higher if your revenue has increased. A lot of business owners take advantage of a second and third loan because the payment process is so easy and it gives them working capital on a regular basis. We approve over 90% of all applicants. Underwriting does everything they can to approve as many loans as possible. That’s why we are well established and one of the largest, most trusted name brands in the business loan arena. Once you are approved underwriting will draw up the contract w/payment amounts, any stipulations, length of term, etc. You sign the contact then underwriting will give you a call to ask some basic questions. Then the $ gets deposited into your business bank account. The whole process takes 5-10 business days in most cases depending on how many additional documents we may need.

*Example- a business owners 3-6 month average gross revenue was 50,000. We would be willing to advance that business owner up to $100,000.